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Hi Anna, I didn’t understand why is not working for me. I did not do any other modification to the code, so that should work.
The problem isn’t related with the vendor list shortcode, when I put this code into my functions.php ‘vendor’ don’t work properly. (Not talking about ‘newvendor’, but originally ‘vendor’ role).

It’s like old ‘vendors’ user are not anymore vendors, so it also change ‘sold by Vendor-Username’ to ‘Sold by Admin-username’. The vendors shop pages disapear.
Could someone please help me with that? i can provide credentials access.

I tried too:
add_filter(‘wcvendors_vendor_roles’, ‘new_wcvendors_vendor_roles’);
function new_wcvendors_vendor_roles($vendor_roles){
$vendor_roles = array(‘vendor’);
return $vendor_roles;

Witch should work as it does before, but it doesn’t work eother.