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Can you please confirm?

Common sense confirms this. At checkout, WHO GOT PAID? Did the vendor get the money instantly? If yes, then they are chargeback liable. If the ADMIN gets paid the money, and the ADMIN MANUALLY OR SCHEDULED PAYS VENDOR LATER, then the admin got it at checkout and admin owns the chargeback liability. This is 100% applicable to PayPal, and Stripe.

Also, if a buyer purchases two items for two different vendors in the same order and will have issues with one item/vendor; the buyer raise a complaint with the credit card company or with Paypal if doesn’t find any agreement with the vendor. My question is:

Ya, chargebacks are not for an entire order, if you dispute a charge for part of an order, that goes to that vendor. PayPal knows who did what and so does Stripe, becuase we pass them all that data at checkout. If the commissions are not instant, admin got paid, and admin owns the entire cake and all liability for it.