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When I go to wp admin > users on your site— and then I go to the dropdown box at the top of the screen that says “Change Role to..” all of those old vendor roles are still there.
I see that you removed all roles form your vendors..
But what I meant is that you need to get rid of the old vendor roles from the previous marketplace plugin you had installed.

1. install User Role Editor plugin
2. Delete Vendor, Vendor, Pending Vendor, pending vendor, Rejected Vendor roles using User Role editor. Leave the other roles- they are from WooCommerce and WordPress.
3. Go back to wp admin > users and check the drop-down to see if the old vendor roles are gone.
4. If so, Go to: wp admin > woocommerce > system status > tools: reset wc vendors roles, and reassign the vendor role to your user(s). If not, if the old vendor roles were still there– then you have to go to your db and remove them.

If you want me to do that on your site- I can. but I did not want to make those changes until I had your permission.
If I have to get in the DB I will let you know.

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