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That is too bad. Really, something is not right in the install- I cannot tell what how and when it occurred- but a lot of things are not working right.
You can try this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-reset/
If you DO start over– just start with the very basics at the beginning. No role altering plugins.. only the very basic plugins you need.
I’d advise with a fresh install, that you first start with only:
1. WooCommerce. get that set up.
2. Storefront theme. Just use only this theme until you get things set up. Your Genesis theme has some extra plugins and stuff.. wait to set that up.
3. WC Vendors free. Configure.
4. WC Vendors Pro. Configure.
5. Test and make sure everything is working, using a few test vendors and the WC Vendors Test Gateway.
6. Now you can try adding your theme & the plugins it requires.
7. Test
8. If all is well– slowly- one by one.. add any additional plugins that you really want or need to add. Only those that you actually think you will use. Test after adding each plugin to be sure it is not causing an issue.

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