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Not at this time, no. A universal “Europe” rate is not going to be int he v 1.4 update either, but there will be an easier selection process if you use the table rate.
Here are some of the shipping features that’ll be in version 1.4.0:

v1.4 shipping features:
So far, for Flat Rate, we should have these features added:
Minimum spend per vendor for shipping (store level)
Maximum spend per vendor for shipping (store level)
Max spend per product ( Charge no more than X no matter qty ) (product and store level)
Per order flat rates ie: $5 no matter the items international and national (store level)
Free shipping over x spend ( store level, product level? )

For country Table rate, these features should be added:
zip codes
zip code wildcard
zip code ranges
qty overrides per entry
Max spend no more than $X no matter qty (product and store level)
Remove any flat rate shipping options from shipping configuration in admin area when selected
Show country rate table for admin override and calculate shipping based on this.