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You need to update your Pro to 1.3.9 before you can use the new license key (must be 1.3.8 + for the new license keys)… that’s likely why it is not working.
Manually update Pro, and then try to activate using the new key. If that fails, let me know and I can try to activate it for you….. but I KNOW it will not work for versions below 1.3.8 and you are currently using 1.3.7

To manually update :
1. back up your site (optional safe measure)
2. download the latest Pro version from your account here: https://www.wcvendors.com/my-account/
3. deactivate & delete your current WC Vendors Pro (info is stored in your database…)
5. Immediately upload the Pro version 1.3.9 you downloaded from your my-account on here.
6. Activate! 🙂