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Please direct registration to the my-account page (woocommerce page that we hook into to add the checkbox for “apply to become a vendor”) to see the option for the vendor application.

Once you have that straightened out, you can look into adding fields to the vendor application.

You will need to add code to your theme/child theme functions.php, and also modify the vendor application template.
Here is an article on how to modify templates:

The template you will look for is the vendor signup form: wp-content/plugins/wcvendors-pro/templates/front/vendor-signup-form.php

Then you can follow this article to get an idea of how you would create the code for the fields (that goes in the theme/child theme functions.php file), fields that will show in the admin (wp admin > users) and then also the code to place the fields int he front-end form for the vendors- in the vendor signup form template.

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