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Hi @fervous

It’s the same user Joe from above. I’ve had to create a new WC forums account.

Further to the above from 2 weeks it seems the critical Stripe issue isn’t getting looked at.

This is ongoing issue and has even created another more puzzling error today. An order of £32 (for 3 items from 2 Vendors), has been billed to the customer incorrectly.

Order is: £32 with a 10% coupon = £28.80. Which is what showed in WooCommerce.

Firstly, the coupon was not applied in the Stripe payment causing the customer to get charged without coupon % discount.

Secondly, Stripe did not calculate the admin commission from the Vendor either, using 10% rather than the global set 15% (this is global in the admin dashboard, and there are no individual vendor commissions set).

So the Customer is getting charged too much, and the Admin isn’t getting the set fee rate.

At this stage I am only advising for your info, as I haven’t heard anything on the above.

It was advised that lead programmer Jamie is working on the WooCom 2.7 update “to ensure everyone’s site doesn’t implode” so I’m not sure when this new issue can be looked at?

As you can see it would appear that the Stripe Gateway plugin is not communicating the correct information from WooCommerce (or WCVendors commission rates), resulting in incorrect billing to customers.

What can you advise at this stage?


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