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Hello, Manuel:
Thank you for the description and your system status.
I tested again on two different websites of mine- both with WC Vendors, WC Vendors Pro and the Storefront theme, along with Storefornt Powerpack.
(great tool, by the way…! 🙂 )

This did not occur. The changes I applied in Powerpack were saved to my Storefront theme.

So- we do need to look at what else you have going on to try and isolate this. I think it is your PHP version. Nevertheless– let’s rule out other things first:
1. Please deactivate all plugins (even the other storefront customize plugins) except WooCommerce, Storefront Powerpack, WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro. Test again now- see if you changes apply.

2. If so- it is another plugin causing this.

3. If not— then I STRONGLY suspect that your old version of PHP is the issue. Please EMPLORE your host to upgrade to at least 5.6
If they are unwilling or unable to do so, FIND A NEW HOST. That is a wicked old version of PHP. You’ll likely experience more issues int he future, especially as your marketplace grows and especially with plugin updates (WooCommerce! Us!). I am sorry to say that PHP version is just not sufficient, or not going to be sufficient for much longer 🙁 .Not to mention there are security issues with running and older version of PHP.