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1 – My account page is WooCommerce. People see it when they login or register.

2 – Templates. Look for the one that says quick-links.php or something like that.

3 – Set shipping defaults.

4 – I dont know

5 – Payment gateways and admins control order statuses. Gateways change to processing once payment is received, and befor eshipping. If virtual, they generally go completed. https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/managing-orders/

6 – CSS, theme thing. Anna can probably help more than me on this, I’m css dumb.

7 – obviously. And you can test this yourself. TRY THINGS before you ask. 🙂 Pretend to be a customer. Test how things work. Voila, now you know and educated yourself instead of making me type.

8 – google “how do i add something to my wordpress menu”

9 – Then you did it wrong, or your theme is overriding our code.

10 – Theme issue, not wc vendors related. Clicking login and logout and stuff seems to really get you asking us questions, that’s not us. It’s not us at all. It’s your theme (and you!)