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i am right now using a browser from another computer and it worked! but i dont know why its not working on my laptop here. i had my sister to open it on her computer and it is working. i am sorry for this, i know its hassle and im sorry im just new to this amazing stuff.

right now i will just use my sisters computer, and i got the pro dashboard working. but now my problem is i cant see the table rate shipping

prodashboard > settings > shipping

there’s no option for table rate shipping, only flat rate

i also tried on my admin site > woocommerce > settings > shipping and i cant find table rate shipping menu.

this is all what i have on my Shipping setting

Shipping Zones | Shipping Options | Shipping Classes | Vendor Shipping

i clicked on Vendor Shipping > Shipping system >

and i see country table rate and Flat rate.

there’s no table rate shipping.

thank you for helping me out with the pro dashboard Anna and Ben thank you for taking time to respond.