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Dylan Moore

>So… you HAVE edited the store-settings.php?

Only after verifying the error was not due to any edits by comparing the file packaged with the plugin. Editing was proactive in response to the error, not the cause. I’ve edited so that users on the site do not see ugly, broken PHP.

>If you switch back to the original, do you still see the errors?

As I said, in order:

“I’ve compared with the original file to make sure I didn’t edit something, resulting in the error. There appears to be no difference officially.

I’ve deleted the block of PHP with the shipping details textboxes chunk and obviously that fixed the error while getting rid of the forms.”

i.e. the second paragraph didn’t happen before the first… that’s why I mentioned that it fixed the error. Please let me know if more clarification is required.

If 1.3.9 is the newest version, someone managing the files has sent an old version and I’ll relay that to them and be sure that it’s not simply because of old templating after trying the newest.

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