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Stefan Bolboceanu

Hi Anna,

Sorry for my late reply, but Paypal drives me crazy :((
As you stated in your previous message, Mass Pay was the issue. After so many days fighting with useless people from customer support, sales support and Business support who gave me a mixture of wrong and different information I finally asked today to speak with one of the manager after another Paypal employee told me yesterday that I have to get my account underwriteen in order to have Mass Pay enabled. I just wanted to ask what I have to do in order to have the account underwritten and become eligible for Mass Pay. The answer below:

Dear Stefan…..

Following our call regarding mass payments and that your account is currently not eligible. As requested, here are some of the criteria, which accounts need to meet, in order to be eligible to be reviewed.

• Business accounts only
◦ Either Account Managed/business supported OR
• Underwritten OR
• Vetted (customers are vetted when they apply and are successfully approved for Products such as Website Payments PRO, Virtual Terminal etc.

As advised on our call, until you meet the above criteria, we cannot raise off an application for Mass payments and I’m sorry you have been given incorrect information regarding this.
Thank you for your time.
Yours sincerely,
Over the phone she told me that I have to receive in my Paypal account minimum £5000/month for at least three month in order to be eligible to get the account underwritten (what underwritten means for Paypal…she couldn’t give me more info apart of this). She also told me that Mass Pay is used only by big merchants who are receiving in their account over £50,000 every month (online gabling websites, betting agencies, etc)

Or at leas I can’ until I will not become a big merchant…

According to my knowledge, Stripe is doing exactly what Paypal adaptive payments is doing, so my question is:

Is there any other way to schedule commissions automatically with WC Vendor Pro apart of using PayPal?