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I temporarily solved it like this, from my plugin code, or functions.php:

function catch_dashboard(){
	/* WC Vendors Pro */
	if(!function_exists('WCVendors_Pro')) return false;
	// Get the dashboard page id, from WC Vendors PRO option
	$dashboard_page_id 	= WCVendors_Pro::get_option( 'dashboard_page_id' );
	// Get the original or translated ID form WPML, as appropriate, and chek if both are equal
	$is_dashboard = (get_the_ID() == icl_object_id($dashboard_page_id));
	return $is_dashboard;
// Filter form WC Vendors plugin
add_filter( 'wcv_view_dashboard', 'catch_dashboard' );

Additionally, I filtered the WP body_class too, to get the same style from my theme:

add_filter( 'body_class', function($classes){
		$classes[] = 'wcvendors wcvendors-pro wcv-pro-dashboard';
		$classes[] = 'vendor-pro-dashboard';
		$classes[] = 'woocommerce';
		if(current_user_can('administrator')) {
			$classes[] = 'administrator';
	return $classes;

I hope it will be usefull. Thanks all for the thread.