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Hello gturban,
I will be glad to answer any questions you have about WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro.
I will not do a side by side with Dokan, as I do not believe that to be the best way to inform you about our products.

There is no contact details for the WC Vendor team?

You may discuss any question with us here on our support forums. We keep them public for everyone to participate in asking and answering questions, and we support our products here. We are Ben @ben , Jamie @jamie and Anna @fervous

It seems to me that Dokan is a bit more complete and mature, with more features included? It also seems the shipping setup for dokan is better? Professional shipping setup is important to me.

In what fashion would you beleive our product to not be complete? I am not sure what you mean by mature.. if this is age related, our plugin has been in operation – with many upgrades and modifications – since 2011.

Please let me know you shipping needs, and I can tell you if we would be able to accommodate those needs. Most multi-vendor plugins for WooCommerce do have some limitations at this time for complex shipping set-ups. I am not aware of what Dokan provides as far as shipping options.

Dokan have made a full list of features that they argue they are in front on, on this site there is just a “search the forum” answer to this questions of comparison?

Comparison with what?
We are open and will answer any questions you have about the product(s). Let us know what you wish to know and we will answer you.
Have you attempted to get answers from Dokan?

My first (and so far only) impression of the WC Vendor’s PRO demo site is not very convincing. Stating it is due to it being used for testing? If that is the impression they want to give me, that is a serious worry to me. It can’t be hard to set up a separate test site?
I am after a user friendly setup and if the programmers do not have a user friendly mindset my experience is that I soon hit a wall with what is achievable with the platform.

We have this demo site so that potential users may view the process of setting up as a vendor, the features and functions of the plugin from the vendor perspective. We will be looking into setting up a full demo experience with admin capability. We have WC Vendors free so that you can use the admin capabilities in full- Pro adds many more features and options in the admin.

Please do let us know what you would like to know about WC Vendor and WC Vendors Pro, and we will be glad to answer your questions.

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