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first, how can I read a private message? I can’t seem to read Philippe’s message even though I’m logged in?


Thank you for your thorough answer. Shipping is my main concern, Since my marketplace will compete with Etsy and eBay it needs to have a slick easy operation. From searching the forums here, it seemed your shipping setup was lacking, but the threads might be old and not be updated. If the shipping setup is better than Dokan that is great!
I would really recommend just setting up something that is nice looking for new customers to test, and separate out your test site. First impressions are important.


-Thank you too. I am the new customer here and I think a side by side comparison, or a mention of strong-points for your platform is very useful. You already know what you need to know about this platform so you can obviously not be the reference point in what is a good way to convince potential new customers. 🙂

-Mature I meant aged with more compatible plugins (at least presented in this way) and slick presentation (landing page) of the plugin and features. Dokan is slightly ahead on presentation, but you seem to have some people who vouch for your option, which is a positive. Without those mentions I would actually already have chosen Dokan.

-Comparison of features:

The answer in the link from your forum is not even an answer, and the links in that link is also not answers. If it went to a page with a list of features compared with Dokan or listing your strong points that would be a useful answer. But looking for the golden pin in your stack of hay is not helping new customers.
You almost lost me as a customer on these two links, and you have potentially lost many others.
Jamie mentioned about 50 pages of documentation for setting up the site. I obvious don’t want to read 50 pages of forum-posts to find “your side of the story”. What you consider your better on than Dokan, when they already listed it, and by this find what option will work best for me!

-So I would love to see a feature list, compared with the competitor.
For me easy shipping functions for vendors is very important, so if your shipping solution is better than Dokan, that is very useful to know.
I read the tread on your forum and it seems that paypal shipping is simply not possible to include(?), which is a shame.

I think it is important to remember that you are not your own customers any longer, you know know what you need to know and none of your potential customers have this knowledge and none of us want to read through your entire forum to find the info.

🙂 Funny! I take your bet! And since I already have been in contact with Dokan you can just send me that license key!
They took about 9 hours to answer, consistently over three emails exchanged.
I think I need the money a lot more than you right now as my life just uprooted 🙂 Maybe a good discount is in place? 30%? Or stripe module included? Your not just a tease, are you? 😉

Thanks all of you for your responses! I can see some passion 🙂