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Yeah- there may be some vendors who would try this.
Customers are pretty savvy, though, and likely will not wish to do business with someone who is being a jerk like that.
And– if you work into your terms & conditions or terms of use for your site that FEE AVOIDANCE is prohibited, you can ban or suspend vendors who do such things on your site.
As much as it would be great to be 100% jerk-proof, it is impossible. People always find ways to do cruddy tings like this and try to avoid fees. You’ll have to police your site some- because as son as you think you have found all of the loopholes, inevitably someone will find another one. 😉

I do not think we have plans to include this as an option in the future, no. I know it has been brought up before. We appreciate the suggestion, though- and I do understand your concern.

In all fairness, though- from a different perspective– imagine the view of the legitimate vendor (this will be the majority). Let’s say you have 1,000 legitimate vendors who are selling products that require a rather hefty shipping fee to be shipped overseas (or even domestically). They sell something like clay coffee mugs- heavy. Should all of these honest business owners be penalized and loose revenue from their sales because one idiot may come along every one in a while and try to scam your marketplace? Food for thought… 😉