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Thank you, the discount coupons from the sellers I have tried and they work. But the discounts applied by the sellers apply on the price of the whole product. In my case I just want it to affect the commission of the seller. In other words, if a seller wants to create a discount of 50% on his commission of € 5, he is paid € 2.5. Currently if applies the discount of 50% applies to the price of the entire product. In my case, the seller produces a part of the product. The other part is produced by me, and I do not want it to be affected.
On the other hand we offer loyalty discounts and marketing campaigns, the fact that we can not use the discounts limits us in all aspects:
1- If we offer a discount on woocommerce does not apply proportionally in the commission of the seller. And to modify it is quite tedious.
2- The seller can not create discounts for his own commission (used by the seller to only pay the production costs, give coupons to friends or relatives and make the product cheaper). If a seller applies a 100% discount the product goes free and we lose money.
In my case, these points are fundamental for the correct functioning of the web. Nowadays automation is fundamental for me, as it saves time and dedication. Thank you very much and I hope they solve it soon. a greeting