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If you do not have constructive support to contribute there might not be any point replying to support requests at all.

Easy, now. He did inform you that we respect our users’ privacy by NOT handing out URLs to try and advertise our product, which *is* constructive.
There are some users who have shared their websites here and there- but usually people do not like to give out trade secrets or advertise across the web how to make a site like theirs.

Try out WC Vendors free and you can see the functionality of WC Vendors Pro with our Demo site. Demo is not pretty, no- but that is so that we are not advertising a design- but rather the functionality of the plugin. The design can be what you want it to be- highly customizable and versatile. You can use a theme that is specially designed for WC Vendors- r use another theme and design the templates and css yourself.

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