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But by the time I got you an hourly quote @ $49 per hour you would be far better off going with the Re:Hub Vendor and customizing that ….
Or the BuddyBoss Social Marketplace.

I could do it, but my quote would be more than those ready-made solutions because I would be working with a theme that has its own archive-product override, which would require that I work with two different templates, and I would also need to write a plugin to make the functions for the “more from this store”, and number of items sold. I would also have to write css classes for the store pages to get the header to show up like that.
In addition, I’d need to work with buddypress to get vendor profile pages.
Seriously- it is a lot of work.

If you want to give me a very very descriptive list of EXACTLY what you would like done, I can get you an accurate quote. I can tell now that will NOT be less than $500, just to give you a heads-up.

If you still wish to pursue me doing the work, please detail what you need in a private reply (check the private reply box) and I will discuss it with you further. If we go forward with the work, then, after you receive a quote, the transaction would take place here on WC Vendors.

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