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I shoot from the hip and tell you the truth. The truth sometimes can conflict with your thoughts of how easy or hard something is. What you want is really hard, and what you want is wanted by few, so it’s also expensive.

However, a tidbit of food for thought. How much is the total solution? The entire site, paid for and all? $750? $1000? That seems pretty reasonable to me if I owned a marketplace and was selling bookable service products. If I’m selling that means I’m making money. I dont expect free rent, so why should all the work to build your website be cheap? Sure, it can be cheap, but you’ll have no website. If you want hard work done, you have to pay for it.

You might also seek out some venture capital people that can help you raise the many tens of dollars to start your website. I’d be happy to contribute with the proper documentation and investor forms.

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