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So glad I found this thread as it answers a very important question for us.

, would you be able to confirm whether the information provided here in Stripe’s documentation is irrelevant for users of the WC Vendors Stripe Commissions & Gateway?

Namely, that by using the WC Vendors gateway, a) the default setting is that each transaction is split between store.com and as many vendors as are on the checkout (and that we don’t need to somehow enable this setting?); and b) whether or not the note at the bottom of that page (“Creating separate charges and transfers is only fully supported when both your platform and the connected account are in the US. If your platform or the connected account is outside of the US, you can only use this approach for less than 10% of your total volume”) does not apply to us?

I attempted to test this myself, but it appears I can’t do so until I’ve activated our Stripe account with a live bank account.


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