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At this time, I have heavy work load with WC Vendors as we prepare for our upcoming release. So please be aware that it will be approximately two weeks before I would be able to begin on your project. Please let me know if you would be interested in proceeding with the work. I’d also encourage you to visit https://codeable.io and get a second quote, as they are skilled and reasonably priced developers there and it is always good to receive more than one quote for custom work for your site.

If you are interested :
My time estimate, as is (without any additional work or functions added to the project), would be approximately 24 hours of work, billed at $49 per hour. Your quote for the custom work is $1,176 USD. Although the total work time on your project would be around 24 hours, the project could take up to two weeks for me to complete.
To create a site similar to that which you linked above using these criteria:
– display the vendors in a list (please explain what number of columns you would like)
– link their Instagram accounts to their vendor status
– Follower count (Instagram) displayed on vendor list
– Recent posts (instagram) displayed on vendor.. profile? Page? Product page?
– omit product image
– profile image of the Instagram account next to the vendors name
– filter vendors by followers, price, and join date
– filter vendors by category

Let me know your thoughts & plans.
Thank you!

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