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Karen Thomas

Hi Anna,

I’ve completely hidden the rubbish BB registration form. Using my-account registration form with the addition of name (code kindly provided by Ben), the Shop Name is just the normal Username but I’ve gone in and renamed things so they feel easier for people.

There is definitely something happening with the form…

I’ve just had this message:

“Hello! I just found Conscious Crafties, and started to sign up to open a shop…somewhere along the way, I lost the place where you share your illness/disability. Could you tell me how to get back to that page?
Thank you so much”

The illness/disability section is only seen on the vendor sign up form. This is the “Seller info” field.
However this User is marked as a customer in wp-admin.

So they have ticked the ‘apply to be a vendor’ box and registered, but maybe they are navigating away whilst on the vendor sign up form or not clicking save maybe? (but there are A LOT of people if this is the case, too much of a coincidence). If this is the case, I would have thought that as soon as they have clicked the Join/Register button on the my-account and ticked the ‘apply to be a vendor’ box on the registration form they would be marked as a pending vendor, regardless if they then complete all of the sign up form or not?

Many thanks,


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