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Hi Anna,

For Shop Base, yup im using the marketplace for my SHOP page. Do i need to specify the page? Cause when i do, it creates another segment under that page which isnt what i want. Can i just leave it empty?

For the theme x compatibility i’m aware of that and when a number of us raise it up to them they cant seem to come to a conclusion and dismissed it as ‘not able to fully be compatible with third party plugins’. So i’m just living with the compatibility issues and seeing what other ways i can go about doing things.

The products by ‘ZACKARTZ’ cant seem to show. I’ve even tried shifting them to another vendor to see if that’s the issue but the products cant seem to be uploaded. The variable attributes on their front end and live product page seem to be missing too.

The issue would be that the products can be viewed when editing, and are even given the link(Product Example) but it cant seem to be shown Vendor Page or on woocommerce categories. let alone the woocommerce shop page.

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