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1. The only method of shipping that will provide proper allocation of shipping funds to the vendor at checkout is the Vendor Shipping.
Other methods will send the shipping funds to the site admin.
If you use Vendor Shipping, and you use Country Table Rate, vendors can enter shipping rates for each country that they ship to. That drawback is, they have to enter rates for EACH country that they ship to.
If they use Flat rate, it is limited to national and international rates.

The site admin can have flat rate as the site default, but go to: wp admin > users > thevendor > edit and allow this particular vendor to use country table rate Vendor Shipping.

2. If you have set-up PayPal Adaptive Payments and also have masspay (some countries do not), and have enabled once daily payments in wp admin > woocommerce > wc vendors > payment, then the daily payments should occur without needing to enable or configure anything else. You can test to see if masspay is working by trying to do a NOW payment on that screen.