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ou can help me with the configuration of paypal adaptive payment

I can try– what are you not understanding> What have you done so far? Have you opened a PayPal business account and applied for the Adaptive Payments?

I would also like to know if wcvendors comes with an affordable repayment system for sellers from the front end ?

If you mean refunds— no- this is handled through the payment processor. As admin, you can mark any refunds as reversed commission in wp admin > woocommerce > commission

For your third question involving the vendor roles and hiding categories from a specific one- I’d recommend you get a quote from a dev at codeable.io for this custom work, as it is more extensive than you would think for simply hiding categories for this new :vendor: role.
I suggested Paid Memberships Pro in the other topic thread you had opened about this question, because this plugin creates a level rather than a new role, and you may find that editing access to certain areas of the site, including categories, is more easily done with less modifications to your code if you limit the levels rather than the actual vendor role.

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