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You’d like to require BOTH paypal and Stripe?
Or just Stripe?
If Both…. This is for BOTH paypal and Stripe- it will prevent the vendor from being able to list a product if both the PayPal token and Stripe key are not found. They must enter both.
This requires a modification to the product-edit.php template.
You’d move that file to your theme/child theme following these instructions:

Then make these modifications. Code needs to be added to the beginning and then end of that template page:

Here’s the gist by itself:

If I’ve misunderstood your question or you need help, let me know.

I offer only Stripe on my own marketplace. My marketplace is fledgling, presently, but so far, I have only had a few concerns about Stripe from Vendors. Questions, mainly. They ask about PayPal- and I am glad to explain some of the reasons why we have made the choice to only offer Stripe instead of Paypal. Most of them find Stripe to be so easy they wonder if they made an error somewhere in signing up. It is a breath of fresh air after dealing with PayPal.

I understand your concern, being as PayPal is ubiquitous- but that is about all PayPal has going for it. Stripe actually is becoming more and more known. It’s biggest limitation is that vendors have to bank or reside in one of the Stripe supported countries; but you can accept payments form almost any currency or location: https://stripe.com/global

I honestly do not think it will affect your marketplace signups much if you were to only offer Stripe or require Stripe. Just sell it to your vendors- let them know how awesome it is. 😉

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