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Hello @aebeer ,
1. You need to edit the product-edit.php template.
Copy the template and move it to your theme/child theme following these instructions:
The template you need is located here: wp-content/plugins.wc-vendors-pro/templates/dashboard/product-edit.php

Then remove approximately lines 62-68 which look like this:

<div class="all-100">
  <?php do_action( 'wcv_before_product_type', $object_id ); ?>
		<!-- Product Type -->
		<div class="wcv-product-type"> 
			<?php WCVendors_Pro_Product_Form::product_type( $object_id ); ?>

2. Here is an example of how to add a select2 drop down to the product-edit.php template. For the first piece of code in the Gist, You’d use the template you just moved to your theme/child theme as instructed above. The second piece of code in this Gist should be placed in your theme/child theme functions.php: