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Hello Heinz,

Is this the “normal” PayPal system

Not exactly– you need to apply for PayPal Adaptive Payments in order to have your commissions split at checkout, and have your vendors receive their funds at checkout. If you want to pay manually, you can use regular paypal.

Also I want to implement a “Listing” + commission (Like ETSY), how do I set up my WCVendors to accept Listing payments? And were can I change that?

We do not currently have anything built-in for charging per-listing payments/fees like Etsy. you would need to work with a developer to custom code this option.

Once a purchase is made of a vendors product/s, does the entire purchase price go into “My” account(madeinaustralia)?

If you do not use either PayPal Adaptive Payments with “instant” chosen as the payment method, or our Stripe Commissions & Gateway Plugin with Stripe (and the vendors connected to Stripe), then the payment would all go to the admin. With PayPal Adaptive + instant or Stripe Commissions & Gateway, the split can happen at checkout with your commissions (admin ) going to your account, and each vendor’s commissions going to their account.

Orders with multiple vendors are no issue- the commissions is calculated on a per product basis, so each vendors’ commission will be sent to shown as due.

Commission for each vendor’s products is then calculated and show in your reports (wp admin > woocommerce > commissions) as DUE.

Can I change this flow, ie make All purchase payments go directly to my account to be distributed later, if that is not already the case?

Yes- you can. If you choose this method, you can essentially use any woocommerce compatible gateway for customers to pay with — all funds from sales would go to admin — then you can manually pay your vendors their due commissions however and whenever you choose.

For the vendor pro dashboard…. OH I am sorry to say but Mango theme has really been a pain in the rear. They override a ton of our templates but do not update when needed. 🙁
I can help you build in the redirect, yes- but if you cannot get the theme to work, and cannot get your Pro dashboard page to work… then that is an issue that should be resolved first.

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