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Our demo site is here: https://dev.wcvendors.com
1. Yes- you run both simultaneously, so this will not be an issue.
2. WC Vendors Pro does have a vendor application page, yes. It has a template than can be modified if you need to do so.
3. Some fields are required, but you can make other fields required using filters, for example, this shows how to make product fields required, but a similar method would be used for the fields on the vendor-signup-form.php: https://www.wcvendors.com/kb/make-product-fields-required/
4. You’d have to build in custom upload fields for documents. Otherwise, you can set permissions in your WC Vendors settings to require admin approval (pending vendor/manually approve applications) or immediate approval (manual approval not needed).
5. Our Vendor Shipping module in WC Vendors Pro allows vendors to set their own default rates; these can then be overridden on a per product basis when needed.
6. Only Admin can mark the complete order as shipped; vendors can mark the order as shipped and add tracking, which sends an email to the customer notifying them that the item(s) have been shipped.
7. This does not sound like something we have, no.
8. There is a packing list template and a packing list button/link in the order-details. It is a simple template that you can modify if needed.
9. You can choose this setting in your WC Vendors settings, yes.
10. You can add more couriers to the tracking, yes. We have instructions here: https://www.wcvendors.com/kb/adding-more-shipment-tracking-providers/
11. I am not entirely sure of what you are asking…
12. No, this is not a feature we have in WC Vendors Pro