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1- I am not sure then why this is not working. I’d need to see this myself to look at what is happening. Please provide an admin login & password in a private reply so I can look at what you have on the page.

2- Nope, the vendors do not have access to this if they are using the Pro Dashboard. You need to guide your vendors to the proper dashboard- the pro dashboard.

Which would bring us to question #3..
You need two dashboard pages set in your admin. One for WC Vendors free.. with this shortcode on it: [wcv_vendor_dashboard]
And other page, with this shortcode on it:

Both need to be parent pages. even though you will not use the WC Vendors free dashboard, it needs to be created. You just to not have that dashboard page in your menus or links.

Direct your vendors to the url for the PRO DASHBOARD in your menus and links. Make them use the Pro dashboard.