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Sorry if that sounded a bit rude, didn´t mean to… May I describe what kind of complex solution I am working on:

Vendor side:
— Vendor is charged monthly fee + fee for adding an additional time-limited listing, e.g. 1 week featured listing
— Vendor can dynamicly choose to sell product or to list product in catalog mode
— Vendor should choose membership-plan upon registration -> how many products they want to have pemanently on their shop?
— Vendor should be able to purchase a new listing (or eventually a package of listings)
— Vendor Shop should be deactivated or just be hidden or offline upon subscribtion-cancelletion

User side:
— Public user (non-vendor) isn´t able to see almost anything accept the Vendor-Shop-List and some informational pages and the paid-membership-plans to buy.
—- Memberships variate only in AccessPeriod i.e. 6 Months or a Year

and finally:
Potential vendors and public users should be directed to different checkout forms, because I need to collect different data in order to legaly register them.

As you can guess, I am having a lot of fun and exitement with this 🙂

Do you have an idea how this could be acomplished with WC Vendors Pro + ??

Thank you very much.