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Malavika Gupta

Thank you Anna, I was able to successfully install WC Vendors and do the settings. Here are few issues that I am facing:

1) More Money is being deducted from the buyers Paypal Account than the total invoice amount. Please see the attached files.
The vendor shipping is Vendor Shipping.jpg
The Tax Option is set in Tax.jpg
The Arizona Tax Class is AZ Tax.jpg
Buyer makes an Order of $10.60, Order 1311.jpg
But $10.90 is deducted from buyer’s paypal, Order 1311 Paypal.jpg
Total Tax collected is 60 cents, Order 1311 Tax Total.jpg
Out of 60 cents Tax, Vendor is given 30 cents, Order 1131 Vendor.jpg
Admin is also given a tax of 60 cents, Admin Paypal.jpg

2) On the Setting Form, I have done the following Shipping setting but these options are still available to the Vendors. Setting Form.jpg, Vendor Shipping Setting.jpg

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