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Malavika Gupta

I having the issue where the store banner or icon is not showing on the Shop/store page. The store banner shows on the single product page

1) I have the latest version of Pro 1.4.3
2) The store header is set to Pro with Store Shop Header enabled.
3) I wrote to the theme author. This is what they say.

We do have woocommerce.php in X. We just have it displayed differently because we are using stacks. In each stack, there is a slight variation. But we do use this code:


// =============================================================================
// —————————————————————————–
// WooCommerce page output for Ethos.
// =============================================================================


<?php get_header(); ?>

” role=”main”>

<?php get_sidebar(); ?>


<?php get_footer(); ?>

We are not sure of how WC Vendors display the banner image since we do not have experience with the mentioned plugin. The banner should have been displayed as we are using the same woocommerce.php content.