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1. This has been reported, but I do not have a time frame for this change. Hopefully in the next update. I will notify you if I receive an update or see any notes on this issue.

2. Ok- yes I see this, and will add this as an issue. I was using Chrome.. I will also test in firefox to see if this still occurs.

3. I was under the impression that by checking that box, it will ALLOW for free shipping to also be applied to the order, if free shipping is granted for another reason (i.e. free shipping threshold is reached for a product, etc.), rather than adding free shipping to the order along with the coupon. However, I will clarify this and if needed we’ll open an issue to make sure it is working properly.

4. Are you updated to WC Vendors 1.9.11 and WC Vendors Pro v1.4.3? Your system status above was from a month ago, so I am not sure what versions you are using now. Do you have any old deleted orders for which you did not reverse the commission?

5. Are these variable products?

If you want to pass along an admin login & password in a private reply, I can take a look at the dashboard issue if you are running the most recent versions of free & Pro. that shouldn’t be happening.