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I just wanted you to know that I had not altered anything beyond what I had been asked to do, aside from temporarily commenting out that image size code in your functions.php so I could upload Pro.

I work 7 days a week here- I just happened to take some hours off on Sunday for Mother’s Day. 😉

I try to reply within 12 hours to support requests- sooner if I can! Some of the delay is the fact that we are located in different countries, I think- I am in the USA, so if you are in the UK, I am about 8 hours or so behind you in time.

Have you been able to try any of the debugging steps I suggested above? Were you able to get the image uploader working for your vendors?
What about Visual Composer? All of the shortcode code you see on the front page (between brackets like this: [vc_blahblahblah] ) is from visual composer– it either is not active, or something has gone wrong with the styling for the Visual composer plugin on that page.

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