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Matthias Koch


I would like to report a few translation issues. These are mainly strings, which are not being translated. It might be that some of the strings is not your fault, but WooCommerce’s responsibility. In that case, if you can point that out, I will contact their support.
By the way, we use WC Vendors in German.

On the product page on the vendor dashboard (dashboard/product):
1. There are the buttons to add a new product. The label in German says “Add Produkt” whereas “Produkt” is not a typo, but it is correctly translated to German. However, the “add” is still in English. “Produkt hinzufügen” would be perfect.
2. Regarding the action items that appear when hovering over a product. In this list of links for each product, the link to “duplicate” is not translated; in German, it should be “Duplizieren”. The other items here (edit, delete, view) are fine.
3. Each product contains an entry for “stock status”. This label as well as the status itself are not translated, although both are translated on the product edit page (“Stock status” -> “Lagerstatus”).
4. The button on the dashboard to search products in German should be “Suchen” instead of “Search”.

On the product edit page (/dashboard/product/edit):
5. On the subpage for attributes (#attributes), the default value in the dropdown is not translated (“Select an attribute” -> “Wählen Sie eine Eigenschaft”).

On the order-view page for a specific order (my-account/view-order/1234): [I can imagine, that this is a problem of WooCommerce, but I put it here, because it is easier for me if you can confirm.]
6. The heading is “Order Details” instead of “Bestellinformationen”. Further down, the “billing address” should be in German “Rechnungsadresse”.

On the cart page (/cart):
7. The heading below the products list says “Cart Totals”; it should be “Gesamt” (probably WooCommerce, I guess).
8. In this window, there is a selection of shipping methods for each vendor. Here, it says “SHOPNAME shipping”. Instead of “shipping”, “Versand von SHOPNAME” would be good in German.
9. Furthermore, below that, there is a button “Update Cart”, in German it would be “Warenkorb aktualisieren”.

It would be great, if you could have a look at that.
Thank you!