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I apologize I must have missed your first post.
1. Yes- you’d need those plugins for bookable products + vendors. (also you’d need WC Vendors (free) to run simultaneously with WC Vendors Pro.

2. We do not currently have any deposit system/plugin integrated also with WC Vendors Pro (or with Bookings). I do think there is a deposit plugin for WooCommerce, but it is not integrated with our vendors so I am not sure it would work properly. Likely not- I believe it would not work properly with commissions. This may be able to be worked around somehow by charging the deposit price for the product, then have the vendor create a second private product for the customer to purchase (remainder) at the trip date. Tedious- but doable.

3. Yes, you could add tags or attributes to allow for searching. This would be more of a woocommerce thing, as there are a lot of enhancement search plugins and also code that can be used for fine-tuning woocommerce search.

4. We do not have a slideshow built-in for vendors. Just normal product pages. Likely this could be custom coded or provided by specific themes.

5. We do not have a maps functions built-in, however, there is this plugin: https://www.philopress.com/products/wc-vendors-maps/ That will show the location of the vendors. As for Trips/products…. perhaps you could talk with the developer of that plugin, Philopress, and see if he would add a custom functions to his plugin for that.
Also, there are themes, such as Listify that provide this feature as well- independent from WC Vendors Pro, but might work to show the products/trips location: https://themeforest.net/item/listify-wordpress-directory-theme/9602611

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