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Karen Thomas

Yes might be a different issue Garry. Thanks for posting here though.

I do think that Paypal might of changed their Paypal Adaptive Payments code for it to suddenly start cancelling orders. Started last night.

I have no idea where the money has gone! I don’t touch the money at all these days, 100% goes straight to the vendors Paypal account immediately (or should do!)

I’m actually considering putting my site in maintenance mode as this could have a huge impact on customer experience, vendor opinion and bankrupt me if I need to refund customers with money I’ve never received!

I know this isn’t a WCVendors issue and sorry for posting here, but I wanted to see if any other site owners where having the same issue. I’ve not updated or changed anything at all so the fact it’s suddenly happening points to Paypal. I’m desperately trying to find a way to raise a support ticket with them like I have previously but their site is sending me in loops to avoid people raising tickets!


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