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Update: I got a very confident note from Cloudways about replacing the same line, then moving on to other things as if they were sure this was the fix. And sure enough, the moment I changed it, that fixed it. The message is now gone, and I didn’t even have to restart the server. I reckon they knew about it directly based on your (Jamie’s) earlier assessment.

This is their fix:

Hi Nicholas,

Sorry for the delay, regarding wcvendors, can you please replace code with this :

if ( in_array( $_SERVER[ 'HTTP_X_REAL_IP' ], $whitelist ) ){

Noting this here to update you but also in the off chance that it helps with WCV going forward.

Speaking of which, may I just ask, will you be adapting that to WCV-Pro or is this specific enough for my/our install that I will need to update the plugin manually like this at every upgrade/update?



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