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Obsi Dian

We’ve had this happen too. Not with all orders, just 3 (so far) out of a batch of 10 otherwise identical purchases and I can’t see a connection. Vendor had a sale on a downloadable pattern so we had a bunch of orders all the same, and all the other orders went through fine.

Ours weren’t at 54mins past the hour, but when I checked the times, I did notice something odd with the times listed on the cancelled orders. There is a time listed in the general details, and a payment time under the “order details” heading and an order status time in the order notes…. in the cancelled orders those times didn’t match at all.

Order that went through ok: order placed 11:13am, marked paid 11:19am, order note 11:19am

Cancelled order #1: order placed 10:10am, marked paid 1:48am, order note 11am

Cancelled order #2: order placed 14:39, marked paid 9:52 am, order note 3:39pm

Cancelled order #3: order placed 20:52, marked paid 7:58 am, order note 9:40pm

— So checking orders that did go through, the times look right. The orders that didn’t go through properly have weird times. Maybe that is why. The time the order was placed I think is correct, but the time paypal is listing as the time it was paid is WAAAAAY out.

I’m panicking because the only reason we knew it happened was a customer emailed the vendor to ask why the order was cancelled, the vendor emailed me and I’m all “the system says paypal timed out, and no payment is recorded, so they haven’t paid” blah blah – but then the vendor checked and they were paid! So luckily we knew to look out for mysterious payments with no orders, then it happened twice again. But we get cancelled orders from time to time when people cart stuff but never check out (well, I’ve been assuming that’s it) – so unless a customer/vendor lets me know there’s an issue and they did pay – I’ll have no way to know. Obviously we can’t have customers paying for things and the vendors not noticing and not filling the order.