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    Obsi Dian

    HI, firstly thanks for the update! There’s a couple of things I’ve noticed while testing it out.

    If vendors haven’t gone in and chosen their new shipping option then despite having shipping charges in their store settings, the cart will say there is no shipping methods available. Is there a way to make the system use their current methods until they update them?

    With the new vendor shipping, neither the flat rate or the country rate seem to have the ability to set the max rate for domestic and international separately. There is just one max rate which is set no matter where the customer is from. Which makes the max rate only useful for vendors who only ship domestic, since I imagine most vendors will want to charge more for international. Will we get the option to set both domestic and international max rates?

    I’m also having a couple of problems with my theme. My theme (Artificer) hasn’t been updated in a while (and I assume won’t be), but everything seems to be ok except for 2 issues – the product title size and the size of the gallery images. Both got larger with the update. I know you aren’t able to offer theme support, but I think the issues might be able to be fixed with some code, but I’ve not been able to find any solutions from googling, and I don’t know enough coding to fix them myself.

    I tried google for the product titles, but all the code snippets I found to put in the css didn’t do anything. I was putting them into the child theme .css – I tried both before and after the line of code that calls the parent .css file. Nothing worked. Any ideas?

    The gallery images are displaying the same size as the main image, despite the image sizes being set in my settings with hard crop. I assume that’s also a styling thing that isn’t applying properly but I have no idea how to go about fix that, but it looks dreadful so if I can’t fix it we’ll have to not update or look for a new theme ๐Ÿ™ (neither of which will make my vendors happy)



    If vendors havenโ€™t gone in and chosen their new shipping option then despite having shipping charges in their store settings, the cart will say there is no shipping methods available. Is there a way to make the system use their current methods until they update them?

    I keep testing- I’ve set up two brand new installs and then updated another- and this is not happening on my installs.
    What shipping method do you have as the site default (flat rate or country table rate)?

    Will we get the option to set both domestic and international max rates?

    Good suggestion. I’ll open an issue.

    Theme– I do not think this has anything at all to do with WC Vendor,s but rather changes made in WooCommerce for 3.0+.
    I did notice that your WC database version is 2.6.11, yet you’ve updated to 3.0.1.
    I have taken a look at your site; I’m not seeing a problem, but then again I did not know what the site looked like before.
    There will likely to be some issues, though, if the theme is not updates to reflect the changes made for WC 3.0+, especially with any templates that are overridden.

    Obsi Dian

    I set the site default to flat rate. But when I looked at what shipping method the stores were set to, the pulldown menu has the first option blank (the one already selected), then the options for flat and country. (See image) So I think that is why it comes out with no shipping.

    Yes, unfortunately it is the woocommerce update breaking our theme, as I have the same theme on a standard woocommerce site (no other plugins) and it’s doing it there too. I’ve tried it on 4 sites and I’ve updated the database on the others and that didn’t change the image or title problem

    I’ve done some screen shots to show what it looks like before updating (secondary “gallery” images are small and in 3 columns) and what it looks like after (gallery images are the same size as the main image). If a product only has 1 additional image it’s not too bad. But if you have lots of those images, it has a disastrous effect on the page! The problem is I know some vendors DO NOT bother looking at how their products display on the site, so I fear that if I ask them to only add 1 extra image because otherwise it looks bad, they won’t listen and they won’t notice how silly it looks because they won’t look at their listings.


    Hmm.. I am not sure why that is happening with your vendor’s rates. Have you overridden all of the vendors in admin– some being country rate and some being flat rate? Are all of the vendors having this happen if you visit their page in admin > users?

    That gallery image thing may be due to the new WooCommerce 3.0+ zoom image feature– it is messing up a lot of people’s images.
    I will see if I can find a fix for this seemingly common issue after the WC 3.0 upgrade; although this is WooCommerce, not WC Vendors. Also please contact your theme author to let them know that their theme is getting broken following the update so that they can HOPEFULLY update ๐Ÿ™

    Obsi Dian

    Just to let you know the shipping issue seemingly was resolved by just manually selecting the country table rate for the vendors. And the Woo team did update artificer, so that’s all good.

    A couple of new issues, but I thought I’d post here rather than starting a new thread.

    1). Any word on if/when we will be able to have the minimum/maximum shipping charge have options for National and International? It’s something we really need!

    2). Although the vendors have the delete feature in the bulk select in the media gallery – deleting photos doesn’t do anything. They don’t delete. We’ve tried doing it one at a time and in bulk.

    3). How are the free shipping coupons supposed to work? (they were fixed in this update weren’t they?) because I’ve tried making one – applying it to all products and ticking the free shipping. But in the checkout it says it’s a free shipping coupon but it doesn’t remove the shipping price.

    4). The dashboard front page (that normally has the pie chart) isn’t loading (other than the navigation bar on the top) but the rest of the dashboard is working fine. I’ve seen people talking about the whole dashboard not loading, but it’s only those reports at the front not loading. Do you know why that would be?

    5). One of my vendors I set up their products as admin, and used the pulldown menu in the product to assigned to that vendor store. But since the update new orders from that store in my order screen it shows admin as the “sold by” and the “store” is the correct store. (see attached pic). Older orders just have the correct store listed. I double checked and the products are all still set to the vendor store. Will this cause any problems?

    They are getting paid as normal, although since they only stock variable products the shipping is coming to me. But I checked other vendors who have variable products (whose shipping is coming to me as well) and their products don’t come up as being sold by admin.


    1. This has been reported, but I do not have a time frame for this change. Hopefully in the next update. I will notify you if I receive an update or see any notes on this issue.

    2. Ok- yes I see this, and will add this as an issue. I was using Chrome.. I will also test in firefox to see if this still occurs.

    3. I was under the impression that by checking that box, it will ALLOW for free shipping to also be applied to the order, if free shipping is granted for another reason (i.e. free shipping threshold is reached for a product, etc.), rather than adding free shipping to the order along with the coupon. However, I will clarify this and if needed we’ll open an issue to make sure it is working properly.

    4. Are you updated to WC Vendors 1.9.11 and WC Vendors Pro v1.4.3? Your system status above was from a month ago, so I am not sure what versions you are using now. Do you have any old deleted orders for which you did not reverse the commission?

    5. Are these variable products?

    If you want to pass along an admin login & password in a private reply, I can take a look at the dashboard issue if you are running the most recent versions of free & Pro. that shouldn’t be happening.

    Obsi Dian

    While you’re having a look, we’ve had a disturbing problem today.

    3 orders (for downloadable products) were automatically cancelled by the system today, with the message “Unpaid order cancelled โ€“ time limit reached. Order status changed from Pending payment to Cancelled.” – That normally happens when the customer has carted stuff but doesn’t complete the checkout – yet the payment did actually go through to the vendor, but they did not see the order since it was cancelled. Luckily they noticed the payment and contacted me – so I went in and changed the order to be complete, so the vendor could see the order.

    The orders were: #10454, #10484, #10471


    I’m working on a similar issue with paypal payments either timing our or..? Another user has reported orders that were showing as cancelled.

    I could not login. What is the URL to your admin?
    I used with the /usa/, without…
    with the .au
    and without… I can’t get to admin.

    Karen Thomas

    @CLOTHPADSHOP I’ve had exactly that today too with cancelled orders! Payment has gone through paypal, but status is Cancelled, so the customer, vendor or I didn’t receive the order confirmation email.

    Can you check if the cancelled orders were at 54 mins past the hour? All mine have been – not sure if it’s a coincidence or not!

    Do you use Paypal Adaptive Payments? I have reported the issue to Paypal Developer Technical Support and also reported in our WCVendors forum too:
    Cancelled Orders via Paypal โ€“ Help!

    Obsi Dian

    ohh sorry forgot the url – we have a renamed wplogin (my host does it automatically to protect against hacking supposedly)


    I’ve commented in the other thread, because yes looks like the same issue – although our times aren’t the same, there is a weird time discrepancy with the cancelled orders.

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