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As of August 31, 2017 (12am EST) our support forums will be retired (read-only), and we will be moving to a support ticket system.  This will allow us to better organize and answer support requests, and provide a more personalized experience as we assist our customers.

For the time being, we will leave our forums open for reading and learning while we work on creating a more robust Knowledge Base for everyone to use.

If you are a WC Vendors Pro customer please open a support ticket here. 

If you are a WC Vendors user please open a support ticket on the Wordpress.org forums.

The information on this forum is outdated and in most instances no longer relevant. Please be sure to check our documentation for the most up to date information.


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    Aaron Slotnik


    I’ve started using WC Vendors Free in a sandbox site to do some preliminary testing with an eye toward upgrading to Pro if it works out and as things move forward. I have a few questions so far that I’m hoping you can assist with:

      It seems that for the user/store to be fully “recognized” as a vendor, they need to complete their store information, is that correct? I don’t recall seeing anything in the documentation explaining that, but that seems to be what is happening (i.e. even though I’ve added a user and given them the “Vendor” role, they don’t show up on the /marketplaces/vendors/ page). If this is correct, can you elaborate on the process or point me to the correct documentation?
      Regarding the vendor store “pages”, it appears that the Free version somehow filters the WooCommerce delivered Shop archive page for that vendor and adds the images and text that they provide when they set up their store. Is that correct? How is this technically different in the Pro version? Is there actually a new WordPress page that gets created? I’m asking to try to understand the extent to which it can be customized and made unique for each vendor.
      It seems that a number of people also use this in conjunction with BuddyPress (including this site?). Is there a recommendation for how to deal with the multiple login and registration forms across BuddyPress and WooCommerce, syncing user profile information, etc in this use case? If no “official” recommendation, what have you seen most users be successful with? I’m looking at ProfilePress and UserPro but am not sure if there are other options and what is the best or most used. I also tried the BuddyPress integration (https://www.wcvendors.com/kb/integrating-buddypress-profiles/); however, I don’t think it functions as intended as I get a 404 page when I click on the “Visit Store” link. I think it’s because it is using the ‘user_login’ field where it should be using the store name. Is that correct? If so, can you provide me with the updated code to get the store name from the user profile?

    It looks like a great product so far! Thanks for any assistance you can provide!




    It seems that for the user/store to be fully “recognized” as a vendor, they need to complete their store information, is that correct?

    To show up in the store list— if you are using our shortcode [wcv_vendorslist] , then they need to have products listed. Is this what you are referring to?

    Regarding the vendor store “pages”

    We also hook into the archive-product.php for the vendors store page in Pro. However with Pro there is a front end form with an uploader in the pro dashboard for the store banner and also a store icon (avatar, if you will..), as well as social media icons for the store page, and also the template can be styled and modified for the store banner area on the page.

    As for BuddyPress integration– the two can be married well. There have been some challenges to trying to integrate WC Vendors and the vendor role with other membership plugins other than buddypress. Use the WooCommerce my-account page for registration, and you will be fine. Then users and vendors will be sign up properly. The buddypress profile fields can all be filled in later using the buddypress profile pages.
    I’m not sure why the code was not working- I have tried it and it works fine.. so perhaps there was some error either in the pages or in placing the code.
    FYI you might be interested in the Social Marketplace theme by BuddyBoss:

    Aaron Slotnik

    Hello Anna,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Regarding the first point, yes I have a page called ‘Vendors’ (mysite.com/marketplaces/vendors) with the [wcv_vendorslist] shortcode as the only “content” in the text editor. The WooCommerce shop page is called Marketplaces and is the parent. I have two test users that I’ve set up as approved vendors; however, I’ve only set up the store information for one of them and that is the one that is displayed on that page. I have products configured and assigned to both–to be more precise, I imported the WooCommerce test data set and assigned it to the second vendor that is not displaying. All products are displayed correctly on the WC shop page (mysite.com/marketplaces).

    Regarding the vendor “shop pages”, can you elaborate on the extent to which the Pro template can be styled and modified other than through the front end? It sounds like it’s a separate PHP template that you’ve hooked into an area on archive-product.php? I was hoping it was a separate WP page in order to use a page builder (Beaver Builder) in order to provide greater ease of use and flexibility.

    Regarding user login and registration, I would prefer to not use the WooCommerce My Account avenue since the majority of my users will not be purchasing or vendors since this is just one aspect of the site’s functionality; I’d like to only have them go that route when necessary (i.e. when purchasing or applying to be a vendor). Actually, now that I’m looking again I don’t see a front-end registration option other than through BuddyPress (mysite.com/register). If I try to go to My Account or one of the WC Vendors vendor pages without being logged in, I just see the custom WC login form . . . there is no 2nd ‘Register’ column like in the documentation screenshot under “New User”. I’m not sure why that is?

    I also expect the majority of users to log in/register through social (e.g. Facebook) using a plugin and have the BP profile synced that way. Finally, I plan to use the WooCommerce Memberships extension for content restriction in other areas of the site. So, are there any that others have had success with? Just to be clear, this is just for the user login and registration forms but they would need to be integrated with BuddyPress and WooCommerce which the two that I mentioned can be.

    Regarding the BuddyPress integration code, did you try an example where the store name is different from the user_login? If you did, then there may be a separate issue with permalinks/slugs. . .

    Sorry, this part may be a bit complicated and requires some backstory/explanation. When I was configuring WooCommerce, I tried naming my shop page & slug ‘/marketplace/’ (without an ‘s’ at the end)but it didn’t work. I opened an issue on GitHub but the developer said it was a conflict although we could not figure out what was causing it. When I go that URL, I get a 404 error; however, I now see that WC Vendors is using that as the permalink base for the shop page. It is not using ‘/vendors/’ as the code suggests (as far as I know I didn’t change it) nor respecting the WC base that I ended up using of ‘/marketplaces/’ or the ‘Vendors’ page I created (see above). The vendor links from my shop page are (after the Sold By text) ‘/marketplace/vendor-user-id/’ (or ‘marketplace/store-name/’ for the one test account that I’ve set up their store). So, it appears to be an issue with WC Vendors. Ideally it would automatically use the WooCommerce shop page or the Vendors page as the base permalink. If that’s not possible, how can I change the WC Vendors Store permalink?



    For the vendors list.. try setting it as the parent page rather than a child of Marketplaces (woocommerce main shop page).
    I know the vendors list with WC Vendors Pro is a bit easier to modify.. the one if free is just the store name and link.

    The Pro template can be modified– but to the extent that you are referring to, not really. At least, not without custom coding in some of your own functions. If your goal is to provide the use of the page builder to the vendors– I am not sure how that would be done. When Pro was first released we had a separate page (not the archive-product.php) for the vendor stores- and it was a nightmare. We ended up going back to hooking into the archive-product.php for more universal compatibility (or close to it) for all of the themes out there.

    For WC Vendors free, the vendor application is simply the checkbox that we place on the WooCommerce my-account page. In WC Vendors Pro there is an application/sign-up form template. However, this is still initially accessed by the checkbox.
    You are not seeing the register on my account likely due to not having registration enabled : wp admin > woocommerce > settings > account — enable registration on the my account page

    You can have your users login however you wish; for WC Vendors vendor registration though they need to either be directed to the my-account page, or to the vendor dashboard– where if they are NOT vendor,s they will see a checkbox to apply to become a vendor.

    We do not use Marketplace anywhere in our code. We use vendors/ as the default vendor store page permalink. You can change it to whatever you wish by going to wp admin > woocommerce > wc vendors > general: Vendor Shop Page then save your permalinks wp admin > settings > permalinks. I am not sure where marketplace is coming from- but it is not us. 😉

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