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    I try to set payKeyDuration in Paypal Adaptive payment. But request envelop does now shows it. Following paypal doc this is what I am doing $payRequest->payKeyDuration = "P29D"; And when I try to pay after 5 hours, i get session expire message which means that payKeyDuration is default 3 hours instead of 30 days.

    Can you help me fix this?


    Hello? Anyone there to reply???


    Flow Of Website

    In my website User “Search for incentive” by providing Address. If any product match that address, User can order limited quantity of that product. For Incentive products, user has to pay some amount and rest of the amount will be paid by subadmin user who owns that incentive program. so for example if total cost Product A is 20$ and its under incentive program which gives discount of 10$ to buyer, While purchasing the product, Buyer has to pay 10$ and subadmin user will pay 10$ for that product.

    Once User click on “Place order” button, I am generating 2 payKeys by modifying your PayPal Adaptive payment Class. One pay key is for Buyer and another for subadmin user(Owner of incentive program). Once buyer complete the payment, orders goes into pending status and Subadmin user will receive email notifying about that order and link to make payment of remaining amount(Link to PayPal payment with paykey). Once clicked on pay link, Subadmin user can make payment for that order and order status will be processing and vendor will get email to ship the product to buyer.

    In this process, Using one paykey buyer will pay instantly but Subadmin user can make payment even after 5 hour or 5 days. By default Paykey duration is 3 hours but by setting payKeyDuration parameter in pay request, we can extend it upto 30 days.

    I’ve modified class but it does not take any effect. Paykey gets expired in 3 hours. I need to fix this urgently. Look forward to your reply soon.

    I am using WC Vendros Pro as well in same site.


    This one is over my head.. I have read through your descriptions a few times, but this would require alterations that I cannot help with.
    Have you contacted paypal to see if they can assist to at least help you understand the paykey expiration?


    Hello Anna
    Thank you for reply. I understand the paykey expiration. I have checked the code but the PayPal library that “WC Vendors” plugin uses is modified and accepts limited parameters. So There is nothing much PayPal can do here. They have everything setup. This works if I use Adaptive Payment library that PayPal provides. This will require you developers to re-modify the library and add support for payKeyDuration.

    Looking forward to hear back from you soon.

    Thank you

    WC Vendors Support

    You need a custom developer, not us. codeable.io would probably be able to get this custom coded for you with a few hours of time. It’s not something we have any interest in working on.


    Hi Ben,

    Nevermind, I fixed it on my own.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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