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    Hi Ben,

    I loved your work and dedication ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just want to know if i can have Membership plans for Vendors ?

    like =>

    * Full Shop page
    * Full Shop page + Boost Products
    * Commission
    * Etc Etc

    and these plans are set for time periods ?

    So We can assign them a plan with membership fee….

    The Vendors plan will show on both vendor and admin place ?

    Any possibility ?

    WC Vendors Support

    Great idea for Pro, but not something that’s part of WC Vendors right now……..


    can i have custom work for this feature ?
    paid ?

    WC Vendors Support

    I’m sorry, we cant offer this as a custom paid job until after WC Vendors Pro is released as version 1.0…. ๐Ÿ™


    and when is WC vendors 1.0 is coming ?

    WC Vendors Support

    WC Vendors Pro 1.0 will be released when it’s done, right now we’re about 2/3 done with the code. It’s still some time away. When it’s ready you’ll get an email since you’re a registered member here, of course!




    Don’t mean to High Jack your thread but I have a question in the neighborhood of the subscription topic: I’m using WC Vendors in Conjunction with a directory theme and I’ve run into a problem, I’m making use of the paypal adaptive payments gateway which works awesomely to collect payments and pay vendors but I’m also required to use a different payment gateway for billing subscriptions to clients to submit directory listings and the subscription plugin can’t use paypal adaptive payments as the payments gateway so I have to use a different payment gateway and I chose “stripe” but now shop customers have two “gateways to choose from at checkout and if they choose stripe checkout when purchasing from a Vendors shop the vendor wont see commission, so my question is what an I do in a situation like this? – I basically need paypal adaptive payments gateway to be the only gateway present when customers checkout from a vendors shop.

    WC Vendors Support

    Hi seba96,

    You would probably want to install this plugin by WooThemes:


    ….it will restrict payment gateways depending on the product. So, you can tell it only to use Stripe for Product A, B, or C, and PayPal Adaptive Payments for all others.




    Hey ben great suggestion, kinda pricey though, but is definitely one for the Christmas wish list :). As long as I have you here I have a question for you regarding the Vendor role, is there any way that i can sort of make the “Author” role assume the “Vendor” role? sort of like merge the two. LOL I have this directory theme that uses the “author’ role as the role that its users use to add directory listings and I’m thinking I wanna use it in conjunction with Wc vendors but there is that little problem of wc vendors using “vendor roles” lol – what can i do in this situation where I need these two different roles to sort of merge so the users can have access to resources available to each of these roles. Thanks

    WC Vendors Support

    Yea, their plugins are kinda pricey. That’s my biggest criticism of WooCommerce is that in order to add ten plugins, you’re out a thousand dollars. Ouch. All the plugin does, is hook into WooCommerce with filters, though, so if you are literate enough to write your own code, a google search for what you want to do will often return the right guides for you. All the plugins do is make it a “pretty” interface for the general crowd who doesnt know PHP.

    If you wanted to merge the capabilities of the Author role to the Vendor role, simply install User Role Editor, and add the Authors capabilities to the Vendor role. Whatever capabilities Author has, that Vendor does not, change Vendor to have that role. Be careful. User Role Editor will screw your site up faster than you can imagine if you start changing things you arent supposed to. I’ve answered dozens of support tickets from members who try to change the vendor role capabilities and mess it up. Just make sure you screenshot the original settings, that way if you goof it up, you can revert back to the original. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You can also assign a user two roles with the plugin, so they can be Vendors -and- Authors, and this does work most of the time. Just again, screenshot, test, and check everything out. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hi Ben,
    itยดs almost two years since you have said and realized, that this feature (Plans and Rules for Vendors // Membership-functionality) should be part of PRO version, or at least be available as an extension.

    Could you please give us a update of your progress on this and eventually a timeframe of releasing-plans?

    Kind Regards,


    Sorry if that sounded a bit rude, didnยดt mean to… May I describe what kind of complex solution I am working on:

    Vendor side:
    — Vendor is charged monthly fee + fee for adding an additional time-limited listing, e.g. 1 week featured listing
    — Vendor can dynamicly choose to sell product or to list product in catalog mode
    — Vendor should choose membership-plan upon registration -> how many products they want to have pemanently on their shop?
    — Vendor should be able to purchase a new listing (or eventually a package of listings)
    — Vendor Shop should be deactivated or just be hidden or offline upon subscribtion-cancelletion

    User side:
    — Public user (non-vendor) isnยดt able to see almost anything accept the Vendor-Shop-List and some informational pages and the paid-membership-plans to buy.
    —- Memberships variate only in AccessPeriod i.e. 6 Months or a Year

    and finally:
    Potential vendors and public users should be directed to different checkout forms, because I need to collect different data in order to legaly register them.

    As you can guess, I am having a lot of fun and exitement with this ๐Ÿ™‚

    Do you have an idea how this could be acomplished with WC Vendors Pro + ??

    Thank you very much.


    I’d recommend getting a quote from a dev at codeable.io https://codeable.io for this custom work.
    I have a post here that describes how you can use paid memberships pro with WC Vendors to switch the user role to vendor https://www.wcvendors.com/help/topic/paid-membership-solution/ ; however, that’s as far as I have delved into the membership solutions for WC Vendors. Your list is quite a bit more extensive, and will require a good amount of custom work to achieve all of these specific needs.

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