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    Anan Mohammed


    I finally decided to update to Woocommerce 3.XX, WC Vendors Pro 1.4.4 and WC Vendors 1.9.12

    Immediately, I noticed that Vendor Notification Emails had $0 values throughout. I thought I needed to update my modified templates – I finally did this but the results are no different. I even tried deleting all template modifications in my theme’s directory – no luck.

    $0 Values also show in the Vendor Dashboard when the Vendor Views Details of a particular Order.

    Interestingly though, The correct total value shows on the Orders Overview Page in the Vendor Dashboard.

    Everything is also ok in the admin dashboard.

    Yes – Commissions are set. The screenshot gives an example of a Vendor with commissions set to 100%

    This occurs for all vendors however regardless of the commission – 70%, 90%, 100%

    WC Vendors Support

    Either its your custom code, or a settings issue. Replicate this on a new install or on dev.wcvendors.com and we’ll have a look, otherwise roll back your changes and retry!

    WC Vendors Support

    Also, check if you have a wp_pv_commission table in your database. That’s the only other guess.

    Anan Mohammed

    Hi Ben,

    Yes, there is a wp_rtlz_pv_commissions table

    So on dev.wcvendors.com it works fine however being unable to access the wp-admin backend there doesn’t really give me much options to troubleshoot.

    I renamed the folder with my custom code and did a fresh install for both plugins – it solved the zero price issue with emails however the Order Details pop up window remained the same as shown in the screenshot.

    The Reason Vendor Emails were giving a Zero Dollar Value was because I edited a Core File (class-commision.php). Yes, I know this is bad but I found it to be necessary since the filter wcvendors_completed_statuses simply does not trigger when I try to use it. This is the only Core file that I altered directly by removing ‘Processing’ from the array.

    Because we accept payments on delivery it is important to ONLY trigger commissions when the order is completed to avoid confusing vendors about their commissions due along with other reasons – mainly being that commissions DO NOT always reverse when the Order is Changed from Processing to Cancelled.

    I opened a topic for this problem here but have not received a response: https://www.wcvendors.com/help/topic/trigger-commissions-only-when-order-is-complete/

    I think we should deal with that first and then get back to the blank Order Details as I can easily hide that option from the Vendor in the interim.


    I had replied to you in that topic; however, the only way I could figure this could be done did not work for you. I would recommend that you work with a developer to have the commissions due coded to trigger when you want, if this is possible. I do not think this is going to be a straight forward adjustment if the previous attempt did not work.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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