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    Vadim Syrichev

    Hi there,

    Commission Subtotal value is equal to Price value in the Notify Vendor email. Although it is correct in Commission table(via WordPress admin). Please, see the attachments for details.

    Also Shipping Subtotal value is 0. But it is correct in Admin and Client notification. Also this value is 0 in Commission table.

    What could be the reason?
    Is there a way to display the correct values in Notify Vendor Email and Commission table?

    Unfortunately I could not find solution via google or support forum.

    Thanks in advance,

    Vadim Syrichev


    I have found option ‘Show the commission due/paid as the product totals instead of the product prices.’ in the email template.

    So, probably it is expected behavior for Commission Subtotal value. Right? The Notify Vendor email can contain only Full Price values or only Commission values.

    But what about Shipping value? Is it possible to show actual value(like for Admin or Client email) in the Commission table and in Notify vendor email?

    Thanks in advance,


    This was a bug a while back, but I thought it has been fixed for the 1.9.11 release.
    I will check and see if there is an issue during my test orders. The correct commission should be showing in the email as well.


    Hi Anna

    I am also seeing this issue on a client’s website, running WC Vendors (Free) 1.9.11

    Shipping has been set to flat rate, with multiple shipping class costs for the different vendors. This goes through fine at checkout and the shipping displays (in this case) £5.00, but the notification emails sent back to the vendor shows shipping as 0.

    Screenshot attached.

    Are you able to confirm if this was fixed in 1.9.11?

    Thank you


    Could you please start your own topic and include the information we ask for when starting a new topic?
    This will help me assist you more thoroughly- as I am not sure there two issues are totally related.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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