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    I’m a noob. So bear with me, please. 😉
    The documentation, knowledge base and forums have been very helpful to me as I work on building my multi-vendor site. Thank you!

    I have a question here – I have not found an answer using the forum or knowledge base: For many of the tweeks and small customizations that you have provided documentation for or code on github… one of the first steps always involves copying folders and files from wc-vendors to “mytheme”.

    I created a wc-vendors folder in my theme and worked with a few changes that went smoothly … however…. I wonder if when I update this theme in the future, would I need to then re-copy the files? In addition, would I put the revised wc-vendors files into the child theme to prevent losing the customizations? It seems even if I did that, I’d still need to re-copy the files to the new updated parent theme.

    Let me know… I know I might sound stupid because this is all VERY new to me and I am working hard to learn a lot. I just know that with the wordpress themes they are always warning you to be sure to make any customizations to the CHILD theme… which I have done with the exception of the wc-vendors changes. But if I copy the wc-vendors files to the parent theme, I cannot see how customizations would not get lost with a theme update unless I instead add the changes to the CHILD theme, and re-copy the original wc-vendor files to the parent theme after each theme update.

    Thank you for your time. I hope I am making sense here. 😀

    WC Vendors Support

    Always create a child theme. And always copy wc vendors templates to your child theme. That way when you update the plugin, they dont get lost, and when you update your theme, they don’t get lost. 🙂


    Thanks, Ben. Good to know I was on the right train of thought. I appreciate the confirmation.

    WC Vendors Support

    You bet. This advice applies to all WordPress plugins and all WordPress themes, no matter if you’re using WC Vendors or not. 🙂

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