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    If I set up some coupon codes for my product and customers use them getting discounts, in the vendors dashboard and notifications it won’t show so they thing I own them the full amount.
    Also if I go to “commissions” it really says I own them more then I actually do.

    How can I fix this?



    Same problem here, I want the commission to be given after the discounted rate. How can I do that?

    Please help

    WC Vendors Support


    Are you both using WC Vendors Free? If so, the coupon codes are going to be an issue for you.

    In WC Vendors Pro, we have a coupons module, so that vendors can create their own coupons that work on their own products and no others. Additionally, you can choose whether or not the coupon is applied before or after commissions, which determines who takes the hit for the discount, you or the vendor.




    In my case I would be the one making coupons and giving them out to customers, would that still be possible?

    Let’s say I have a product that cost $100 and I make a 50% OFF code, will the vendor receive $50?

    WC Vendors Support

    Depends on your commission rate. 😉 Let’s assume for this conversation that you give the vendors 50%.

    In Pro, you have two options:

    a.) $100 – 50% coupon code = $25 to you, $25 to the vendor (AFTER Coupon)

    b.) $100 – 50% coupon code = $50 to you, $0 to the vendor (BEFORE Coupon)


    Nice. Thanks


    Hi guys, I have the same problem, if the customers use my wcommerce coupon the plugin doesn’t calculate them on the vendors fee.

    I have the vcvendors free and I would like to purchase the pro but I’m not sure about one thing:

    wcvendors pro fix this problem?

    wcvendors pro calculates the right fee including the discount ONLY if the coupon is created by the wcvendors function?

    I already have 2 months of fee calculated without wc coupon, is the plugin retroactive?

    thank you


    In WC Vendors Pro we have a coupon feature for vendors. Vendors can create their own coupons for their own products.
    They can choose the type of coupon, time span, usage, etc.
    You still cannot use WooCommerce coupons and have them calculate correctly for vendor products with WC Vendors Pro.
    Our vendor coupon feature is not retroactive in any way, no- it is separate form WooCommerce coupons.
    WooCommerce coupons can really only be used for admin created products sold by the admin.


    that’s means that any plugin that use woocommerce coupon doesn’t still work…

    ok thank you


    Yes- at this time, the WooCommerce coupons will not calculate properly with commissions.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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